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More Comfortable Balloon Sinuplasty in the Office

Experienced Middle Aged Family Doctor Showing Analysis Results on Tablet Computer to Male Patient During Consultation in a Health Clinic. Physician Sitting Behind a Desk in Hospital Office.
Patients are now receiving a sublingual (under the tongue) Dsuvia tablet before balloon sinuplasty procedures. Patients are less sedated and more comfortable. They can tell us about an immediate improvement in their sinus symptoms during the procedure. Read More →

Vivaer Radiofrequency Treatment for Nasal Obstruction

Woman experiencing sinus pressure, holding her hand up to her nose.
VivAer® is a technique using topical radio waves to improve nasal breathing. This is performed in the office under local anesthesia. This treats septal swells and nasal valve collapse. If a Breath Right® strip helps you breathe better, then this procedure is likely to help you. Dr. Rosner has performed hundreds of these procedures with […] Read More →

Shorter Wait Times in the Office

Close up of a doctor doing a medical exam on his patient
All patients prefer to wait as little as possible. We have changed the office flow, so wait times are much shorter. To achieve this, patients are now asked to fill out their medical history on our portal prior to scheduling an office visit. For patients who need help with the portal, a visit can be […] Read More →

Endoscopic Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

What is septoplasty? Septoplasty is a surgery done to straighten or repair the septum of the nose. What is endoscopic septoplasty? Historically, most septoplasties have been performed with an incision in the front of the nose. Tunnels several inches long are often made to expose the deviation of the septum. In endoscopic septoplasty, however, an […] Read More →

Working With a Scribe

A patient visits with a doctor in an office setting.
Dr. Rosner will typically have an assistant or scribe with him. The scribe enters the history, physical information and orders into the electronic health record. This allows the doctor to spend more face-to-face time with the patient, instead of looking at the computer. At times, instructions need to be given to the scribe. Most patients […] Read More →

Image Guidance for Sinus Surgery

Woman experiencing sinus pressure outdoors.
Dr. Rosner uses the Scopus image guidance system for in-office Balloon Sinuplasty. Images on the screen are bigger and clearer than on other systems. Accuracy in navigation is often .3 mm vs. 2 mm on other systems. This makes the in-office procedure safer and quicker. Read More →

Balloon Sinuplasty is Comfortable in the Office Setting

A patient visits with a doctor in an office setting.
Most patients undergoing Balloon Sinuplasty choose to have it done with oral sedation in the office. This saves thousands of dollars over having it done with general anesthesia in the hospital. Over 90% of patients feel this is easier than having a dental filling. Read More →

Women After Menopause Catch Up to Men in Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Woman sleeping with a pillow in her bed.
Eighty percent of sleep apnea patients are men. However, women after menopause and men have equal rates of sleep apnea. Women often snore less than men, but weight gain, heart failure, hypertension and not feeling rested during the day are symptoms of sleep apnea. Read More →

Treatment of Sleep Apnea Reduces the Risk of Dementia

A man sleeping while holding a pillow in bed.
Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea reduces the risk of dementia as people age. Evaluation with a home sleep study should be done. Other risk factors include snoring, high blood pressure, large neck and nocturnal choking. Read More →

Model Shows HPV Vaccination Could Prevent More Than 900,000 Cases of Throat Cancer

Shot of a mature male doctor examining a senior female patient in his medical office
  A new study in Lancet predicts that giving the HPV vaccination to 80% of adolescents could reduce throat cancer cases by 900,000 during this century. Adults can be given the HPV vaccination up to age 45. Read More →