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Minimally Invasive In-office Nasal Surgery Is Well Received

woman in bed covering face with tissue
Dr. Rosner has performed hundreds of minimally invasive nasal surgeries to repair the deviated nasal septum of patients and to make turbinates smaller. These surgeries can be done in the office or our surgery center. There is typically no packing or splints. This allows for minimal pain and a quick recovery. Turbinates are made smaller […] Read More →

How to Wear a Mask With Hearing Aids

Personal Protective Equipment: A guide on how to wear masks with hearing aids for adult and pediatric patients. Ways to wear masks for adults Tie-on masks Make sure to tie the straps high up on the head and low on the neck. Hearing aids will not be obstructed. When removing mask, untie the bottom first […] Read More →

Additional News and Information

Dr Rosner was listed as Hearing Professional of the year Midwest winner of 2012 Dr. Rosner is the first physician trained in Oakland & Macomb County in Trans Oral Robotic Surgery for Sleep Apnea Dr. Rosner has poster presentation at American Rhinologic Meeting in Vancouver 2013 on Sinus headache sleep disruption & inflammation Dr. Rosner […] Read More →

Patient Testimonials

“I had severe sinus pain and migraines that weren’t responding to medication. I had the balloon septoplasty and sinusotomy to correct and a deviated septum and clean out sinuses, respectively. I am about 1 ½ weeks out of surgery and feel GREAT!!! My sinuses are no longer painful and I CAN BREATH through my nose […] Read More →

New Website www.rochesterhillshearing.com

Please check out the new website for Lifestyle Hearing based in our offices at www.rochesterhillshearing.com Read More →

Sinus Head-Aches Testimonial

I had chronic sinus congestion & recurrent infections. Dr. Ronser preformed balloon sinuplasty and since then I no longer suffer with congestion or discomfort by my eye, cheek and jaw. I no further have any ”sinus head-aches”. MS 2014 Read More →