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Untreated Hearing Loss Could Be the Cause of Your Depression

Everyone feels blue sometimes. However, if you have untreated hearing loss, you may find that these feelings tend to occur more frequently, linger longer and, for some people, won’t go away. That’s because having untreated hearing loss puts you at a greater risk for mental health problems, including depression. According to recent research, approximately 11.4% […]

Shorter Wait Times in the Office

Close up of a doctor doing a medical exam on his patient

All patients prefer to wait as little as possible. We have changed the office flow, so wait times are much shorter. To achieve this, patients are now asked to fill out their medical history on our portal prior to scheduling an office visit. For patients who need help with the portal, a visit can be […]

Working With a Scribe

A patient visits with a doctor in an office setting.

Dr. Rosner will typically have an assistant or scribe with him. The scribe enters the history, physical information and orders into the electronic health record. This allows the doctor to spend more face-to-face time with the patient, instead of looking at the computer. At times, instructions need to be given to the scribe. Most patients […]