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Archive: Hearing

Hearing Loss Leads to Falling

An older man sitting in a cafe.

For every 10 decibels of hearing loss, the risk of falling increases by 40% in seniors. Repeat falls often force seniors to have to relocate where they live. Schedule a hearing test to help prevent these falls.

Loneliness: A Leading Contributing Cause of Death in Seniors

An older couple sitting together on a bench.

The top three causes of loneliness in seniors are hearing loss, visual loss and the death of a spouse. Loneliness can lead to many health conditions, such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Treating your own hearing loss or that of your parents can reduce the risk of loneliness.

Hearing Loss: A Modifiable Risk Factor in Dementia

An elderly woman with hearing aid

From a 2020 report in Lancet, hearing loss was one of the 12 modifiable risk factors of dementia. “The evidence consistently shows that people with normal memory and cognition are at increased risk of dementia 10-15 years after developing hearing loss. In summary, hearing loss should be treated with hearing aids early on to prevent […]