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Image Guidance for Sinus Surgery

Woman experiencing sinus pressure outdoors.

Dr. Rosner uses the Scopus image guidance system for in-office Balloon Sinuplasty. Images on the screen are bigger and clearer than on other systems. Accuracy in navigation is often .3 mm vs. 2 mm on other systems. This makes the in-office procedure safer and quicker.

Balloon Sinuplasty is Comfortable in the Office Setting

A patient visits with a doctor in an office setting.

Most patients undergoing Balloon Sinuplasty choose to have it done with oral sedation in the office. This saves thousands of dollars over having it done with general anesthesia in the hospital. Over 90% of patients feel this is easier than having a dental filling.

Do You Suffer From Sinusitis? Balloon Sinuplasty Can Help

Do you have chronic sinus problems or more than five sinus infections a year? Do you have sinus headaches, facial pressure over the sinuses that disturbs your sleep at night, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through your nose, postnasal drip, or a persistent cough? Have you tried medicines such as antibiotics, steroids, nasal sprays, sinus rinses, […]

Minimally Invasive In-office Nasal Surgery Is Well Received

woman in bed covering face with tissue

Dr. Rosner has performed hundreds of minimally invasive nasal surgeries to repair the deviated nasal septum of patients and to make turbinates smaller. These surgeries can be done in the office or our surgery center. There is typically no packing or splints. This allows for minimal pain and a quick recovery. Turbinates are made smaller […]