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New Study Reveals Sleep Apnea Can Age You

Scientists know that sleep apnea can be a bit of a nightmare for your overall health, contributing to heart problems and other medical issues. And now there’s a new cause for concern that could keep sleep apnea sufferers up at night—a recent study shows that the condition can age you. How Does Sleep Apnea Speed […]

Women After Menopause Catch Up to Men in Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Woman sleeping with a pillow in her bed.

Eighty percent of sleep apnea patients are men. However, women after menopause and men have equal rates of sleep apnea. Women often snore less than men, but weight gain, heart failure, hypertension and not feeling rested during the day are symptoms of sleep apnea.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea Reduces the Risk of Dementia

A man sleeping while holding a pillow in bed.

Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea reduces the risk of dementia as people age. Evaluation with a home sleep study should be done. Other risk factors include snoring, high blood pressure, large neck and nocturnal choking.