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How to Wear a Mask With Hearing Aids

Personal Protective Equipment: A guide on how to wear masks with hearing aids for adult and pediatric patients. Ways to wear masks for adults Tie-on masks Make sure to tie the straps high up on the head and low on the neck. Hearing aids will not be obstructed. When removing mask, untie the bottom first […]

Additional News and Information

Dr Rosner was listed as Hearing Professional of the year Midwest winner of 2012 Dr. Rosner is the first physician trained in Oakland & Macomb County in Trans Oral Robotic Surgery for Sleep Apnea Dr. Rosner has poster presentation at American Rhinologic Meeting in Vancouver 2013 on Sinus headache sleep disruption & inflammation Dr. Rosner […]

Patient Testimonials

“I had severe sinus pain and migraines that weren’t responding to medication. I had the balloon septoplasty and sinusotomy to correct and a deviated septum and clean out sinuses, respectively. I am about 1 ½ weeks out of surgery and feel GREAT!!! My sinuses are no longer painful and I CAN BREATH through my nose […]

Sinus Head-Aches Testimonial

I had chronic sinus congestion & recurrent infections. Dr. Ronser preformed balloon sinuplasty and since then I no longer suffer with congestion or discomfort by my eye, cheek and jaw. I no further have any ”sinus head-aches”. MS 2014