We are OPEN! Learn about important updates and procedures as we re-open our doors to see patients.Read More


Dear patient,

We hope you have been managing well during the shelter-at-home order. Our office is now open. We are seeing patients face-to-face and the process is working well. Please call us soon for any needed appointments!

We have worked hard to make our office as safe as possible before re-opening. In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 we have instituted the following safety protocols:

  1. Our clinical staff is wearing N95 masks or equivalent for protection, and we have face shields available for staff to wear as deemed appropriate.
  2. All surfaces, door handles, waiting areas, and workstations are constantly being sanitized and disinfected. Medical-grade HEPA air purifiers have been placed throughout the office to filter out over 99% of viral particles and many allergens.
  3. Every patient and companion will check in with a screener in suite 100. Please bring only essential companions, limited to one per patient. At that time they will be screened for COVID symptoms, have their hands sanitized, and be provided with a mask to be worn except during the actual examination. Please do not wear outside gloves into the office. Gloves can be provided as needed.
  4. If an exam room is not available, it will be necessary to wait outside the office. The previous patient should leave before you check-in or check out. Please maintain social distancing in and around all areas of the office and building.
  5. Ultraviolet sterilizers will be used for scanning insurance cards, drivers’ licenses, and credit cards. Copays may be collected via credit or debit card by phone prior to your visit if you prefer.

Please call the office via (248) 844-2936 prior to your appointment. If you have active COVID, have been exposed to it, or have any of these symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, loss of smell or taste, fatigue, sneezing or runny nose; you must wait at least 2 weeks since the last fever and/or symptoms have occurred to be seen.

Thank you for your willingness to follow these new sanitization procedures to keep us all safe! As always, we highly value the opportunity to provide you with the most professional medical and best medical services possible.

Arthur Rosner MD
Lauren Fairchild AUD
Liza Moore NP