Patient Testimonials

“I had severe sinus pain and migraines that weren’t responding to medication. I had the balloon septoplasty and sinusotomy to correct and a deviated septum and clean out sinuses, respectively.

I am about 1 ½ weeks out of surgery and feel GREAT!!!

My sinuses are no longer painful and I CAN BREATH through my nose again. I am VERY GLAD I had this done! Little or no pain after surgery, and very little down time.” AG 2014

“I came to Dr. Rosner with a severe case of Vertigo. I was very sick. I was able to get and appointment the same day.

Within a couple of days I was feeling much better. Dr. Rosner helped me tremendously! His staff are ALL WONDERFUL. I am very glad to have had a great doctor like Dr. Rosner who answered ALL my questions, which made a huge difference.” DF 2014