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Hearing Aids

hearing aid provider in Rochester Hills, MI

Hearing aids have improved greatly with the advent of digital technology. If you’re picturing big and bulky devices with questionable sound quality, you’ll be pleased to learn today’s instruments are smaller, more comfortable and provide sound that is more natural. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so finding one that appeals to your lifestyle needs and cosmetic preferences should be easy. Today’s hearing aids feature the following:

Advanced Chips

Hearing aids are essentially miniature computers. The chip in a hearing aid is equivalent to that found in a desktop computer five years ago.

Real Ear Programming

Our office is one of a handful using real ear measurement to custom program your hearing aid with your participation. This improves accuracy satisfaction and reduces the number of visits to set your hearing aid to its highest comfort and best performance.


Our staff provides full service in helping to connect your hearing aid to your cellphone or television. Options include looping through the T-coil or through Bluetooth® connections.

Full Service

Lifestyle Hearing staff spend extra time with you at delivery to ensure that using and caring for your hearing instrument is easy. You have help at each step of the way.

Convenience and Excellence

Consumers Report has determined that the best place to obtain a hearing aid is where an audiologist and otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) work together. Dr. Rosner has won national awards for customer service with hearing aids. If a hearing aid is not working well, it is very convenient to have the ENT doctor and audiologist in the same office. Multiple trips to the office are saved when deciding if the problem is something simple, like excess earwax, or there is a need for hearing aid service.

Lifestyle Hearing

Lifestyle Hearing is our audiology and hearing department. Our process is to help you determine your hearing needs by assessing your lifestyle. Hearing rehabilitation is tailored to keep you active. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and technology. Many of our patients have switched to Lifestyle Hearing for a superior customer experience. Lifestyle Hearing is the place to go for full service hearing aids.

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