Hearing Loss

hearing loss diagnosis and treatment in Rochester Hills, MI

We are passionate about hearing loss. Restoring the ability to converse with family and friends is very exciting. The expression on a patient’s face when they hear sounds that they have not heard for years is amazing. Vision loss is different from hearing loss. When we cannot see, we know to go to the eye doctor. When we cannot hear, our brains think we hear fine, but everyone around us is mumbling and the background noise has gotten too loud.

Signs of Hearing Loss

  • You may hear but not understand people
  • You may feel others are mumbling
  • You say “what” a lot
  • You feel the background noise has gotten too loud
  • You may have difficulty understanding radio or television
  • You need to watch a person’s lips to understand
  • You find yourself asking people to repeat what they have said
  • You may pretend to understand
  • You may avoid people and isolate yourself
  • You may find it emotionally exhausting to communicate
  • You appear to be the only one with these difficulties

Benefits of Wearing a Hearing Aid

  • Feeling younger with improved self esteem
  • Regaining your sense of belonging with family and friends
  • Being more relaxed by understanding more clearly
  • Being safer by hearing traffic, doorbells, telephones
  • Understanding movies and television
  • Enjoying telephone conversations
  • Understanding your doctor’s explanations and instructions
  • Improvement in the quality of your life
  • Plus – rediscovering all those captivating sounds of nature: waves crashing against the shore, birds twittering in the park, leaves rustling in the wind – even a cat purring!

Failure to treat hearing loss causes a six-fold increase in the rate of dementia and a fourfold increase in the rate of depression. Individuals with untreated hearing loss earn an average of $14,000 less a year than people wearing hearing aids. People who hear better get promoted.

An average patient waits seven years to seek treatment for hearing loss. Our goal is to shorten this delay in receiving hearing aids. We help patients overcome their misunderstanding of hearing loss. We help you manage your fears and navigate the grieving process of denial, anger and acceptance.